Sasha Persholja - Composer and Producer / Funk and Blues / Fejkavangard / New Music Style

Interview by llya Leoshko GIK UKRAINA


The presenter llya Leoshko interviewed this week the singer from Slovenia Sasha Persholja. 

Follow this amazing interview:

Saša Peršolja, 38 years old, lives in Central Europe, Slovenia and, in addition to working with tourist techniques, is a singer, multi instrumentalist,  composer and producer

and is about to release his songs:  Intercourse, Yugoslav Devalvation Blues, Alojz Gradnik, Perfect Curves Must Be Round  and The Cheater among other songs.


In this interview he tells us his story, tells of his designs for 2013 and also the partnership with his friend in the project " Betting against the Gora Gorja ".

In an interview with me, llya Leoshko,

Saša Peršolja reveals to us how he created his musical style "Fejkavangard", a mixture of Funk Blues & Balkan.

llya Leoshko -Saša, tell us how started your musical career?

1. Saša Peršolja:

Began at the age of thirteen, when I saw on fucking TV  David Bowie singing and playing saxophone, than I was very hurt.

My father and I wanted to buy a saxophone, but it was very expensive for the slave nation and egoists of Slovenia.
Three years later I could finally buy the guitar with a little help from my grandfather .

A  "Folk Blues" classic guitar. The cheapest instrument on the market at that time.

From then on, started my creation.

llya Leoshko -Tell us a little about your musical roots ?

2. Saša Peršolja:

The story of my country in Europe is very similar to the history of Africans in America.

It was because of these painful facts that, when I was with friends, more or less to my 25 years with an open heart, I decided to follow the Blues genre and its derivatives, such as Funk and Rock.

llya Leoshko -Your songs show a very attractive mixture of pace.

You got someone to follow this style of music?

3. Saša Peršolja:  

Thank you very much for your compliments. Bal šoje spasiba za komplimente.

Sorry for bad pronouciation.

I made a new musical style called "Fejkavangard".

It’s mathematical definition is a performance of the new musical art.

A new style, derived from the "Blues" the Balkans, roughly the European Centre syncopated style with shared roots and musical distortion of the spirit "Junk Funk".

I have some people who have followed this style, but only in our country.

llya Leoshko -How do you classify this phase of your life?

4. Saša Peršolja:

I'm really enjoying all this. Is a very creative and productive phase, although gray a little hehe. Egoism eats nerves.

In fact, the main problem is that in our environment does not appreciate music of quality and originality.

But I get a lot of support from the outside all around the world from Argentina to Japan. And I thank you llya Leoshko and also much to Ukraina for the opportunity. Spasiba za zapredastavljeno udva zmwožnost.

llya Leoshko – And what's your main hobby Saša?

5. Saša Peršolja: Pruning of all types of plants.

llya Leoshko – The year of 2013 started replete with great opportunities. What are your main projects for this year?

6. Saša Peršolja: The " Betting against the Gora Gorja", a project with an old friend, drummer Abram Tomaž and guitarist pirate Sergej Pojavnik.

llya Leoshko -Which of his songs will be worked on this year?

7. Saša Peršolja:  Yugoslav Devalvation Blues, Alojz Gradnik, Perfect Curves Must Be Round  and The Cheater.

llya Leoshko – Can wait for some show of Sasha Persholja this year? You have a show scheduled for the coming months?

8. Saša Peršolja: Unfortunately, I am still very stuck in the Studio, but we will be on tour with the project " Betting against the Gora Gorja ".

llya Leoshko -First I thank you for the interview Saša and wish you much success in your career. Leave a message for their new Ukrainian fans and all who follow your career.

9. Saša Peršolja: Again much thanks llya Leoshko for the opportunity and to Ukraina I leave a kiss and a hug from Slovenija with a root brotherhood love.

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