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  1. Intercourse

From the recording Fejkavangard


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Sasha Persholja - Intercourse ( art work )
www.sashapersholja.comINTERCOURSE By Sasha PersholjaA blame in your shoe.Seat on and keep on hanging.Waiting on stop on your gardenwaiting on to stop on your Bluescause we are long drink too heavyand Done passing a newI guess I'm lonely downwaiting a house to getting a howl.Common fell some I wont make it a little holly.With you baby stall or you crack inAnd the boss still keep it downThat morning napping your shoeI guess something go licking the TownI guess somethingI guess something wicked walked the townyea yea yeawe stop the city town we stop into the Pelly.You still keep picking Donebut you said that you don't love me no more.You said you love me babybut you just don't want me aroundyou said you love me baby jeabut you just don't want me aroundbecause the way I treat you hearthstop you the bugging around.Well stop the car on the sightand Done breaking the stopOffer me to carry some waterand than driving all the way aroundcose I'm follow the saving aroundbut you forget me outyou were driving all alone.So I call you on the phoneand you driving me upThen I call you one more timeI said baby I'm coming bogging aroundI set the car offYou said you coming right back to meYou said you don't love me no moreand that you don't want me around.You said you love mebut you dont want me around no moreyou said you love me so badbut you just dont want me no more.well wellAnd that's driving me crazyyou girl you driving me crazyyou girl just common speakout of the sound.Go back up you cargo buy a new shoeGolden ring sticking the Blueswe are going out on dancing ?Yea moving your body.Slow me down.You know it serves me rightto get sometimes offYou know can serve me rightto get something on.Just got the element hereand I won't loosing no more.You can string on my stringyou can back on me downyou can eaven step on my Bassbut i won't to let you done.Some keep me callingsome keep me down.You said you love me but you just don't want me around.http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/sashapersholja2
Posted by Sasha Persholja on Saturday, July 20, 2013